REVIEW: INDYA – Leather n Lace

Written by: Paul Monkhouse

Release Date: 6th May 2023

It’s been a long, hard road for Laudez Rose, the singer who is the beating heart of Indya. With broken promises, errant band members, struggles with the tabloids and other attacks on her both physically and mentally, she’s had a lot to deal with. She’s nothing but a fighter though, her time spent learning her craft and cutting her own distinct way through the music business proving that she has the focus as well as the talent. Her sophomore album, Leather n Lace has defined her vision of blending hard rock, dance and rap with touches of soul and reggae, the result unlike anything out there right now.


Over 10 tracks, the album brings some seriously punchy music, threaded through with dance beats and some great production touches that make it sparkle. Rapid fire opener Too Goth to Handle sets out her manifesto from the start; jagged riffs and machine gun drumming providing the soundtrack to Rose’s keening and seductive vocals. Big waves of bass and scorching guitars inform the album’s title track, the singer trying to break hearts and wills with her purring delivery and the strutting Little Crush sways with enough self-confidence to break down any doors.


From rampaging rockers like I Wanna Be the One and Finish Her to a shimmering Fill Me with Ya Love, there’s plenty of light and shade here. Best of all though, Indya proves most potent here when joined by guests, the dark and edgy Raise Ya Vibration featuring Israelite and the blistering Ignite It with guest rap from MC Neat the pinnacle of what Rose aims to achieve here.

Filled with great hooks, big guitars, multiple layers, irresistible juxtapositions of styles and the sometimes creamy, sometimes streetwise vocals, Leather n Lace is one of this year’s most intriguing and must hear albums. A unique blend of rock and dance, this kitten has claws – 8/10




















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