Music Review: The Hot One Two – Superbia

Written by: Evelyn Barr


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The Hot One Two 



Cambridge five-piece rock outfit The Hot One Two released their debut EP Come What May in 2019 and then a second EP Unrestrained during the pandemic which was both written and produced by THOT. On 10th November 2023 they released their debut full-length album Superbia and already having heard a few tracks from it, I was excited to hear it in full.

The album does not hide its intent with the opening track The Fray; it goes straight for the jugular and sets the scene for what my ears are going to hear. Next up is Tie Me Down and the pace continues. I love the riffs, Simon’s vocals and the fact this song is going to be a real crowd pleaser when played live with audiences singing the chorus back to the band.

Track 3, You’ve Got It (I want It) is another heavy one which really had my head nodding before 30 seconds had passed. What can I say … it’s another stellar track. Following on from this is one of my personal favorites Is It Hot? and it has all the hooks and riffs needed to melt faces at a great distance and a fantastic chorus which makes this a sure-fire winner of a song.

Halfway through the album and we arrive at Feeling Good and this track has a real stadium feel sound to it and reminds me of many of the classic hits from the ‘80s. Something Real begins in a much softer more melodic way before the main drum beat kicks in and it becomes a lot heavier. This is another fantastic song.

Track 7 is another of my favorites on this album, God Forsaken Blues and I personally cannot wait to hear this played on the live circuit. The guitar work on this song is just sublimely good.

Heading towards the last three tracks and the next one has a real feel-good vibe to it, Demon Daze has everything a listener could want in a song, riffs, licks and great vocals … I really liked this song.

The feel-good factor continues with the penultimate track Rolling Stone, and what can I say, it’s another stonking track. We are now nine tracks into a ten-track album and each one has proven its worth and merit to be included. This album has been carefully worked to hook the listener at track one and keep them screaming for more right to the last track Playing With Fire. It’s a heavy one and the riffs that this band create grab you by the ears and will not let go, and they’ll have you singing this song at the top of your lungs either on your own or when you see them play it live.

Superbia means to be puffed up with pride and the guys certainly deserve to be proud of their latest offering. This is a debut album that will have people sit up and take real notice of The Hot One Two and if the music Gods of Thunder play nice, I shall get to finally get to see them play live next February and I’m so looking forward to that live experience…



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