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Written by: Evelyn Barr


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Silver Tongue

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Silver Tongue is the fifth full length album from ‘Norn Iron’ Belfast based band Maverick. Did  I go back and listen to this back catalogue after listening to this latest album?…Yes I did!

The band were formed 12 years ago, but this particular album has many firsts for this band…..It was the first one to be recorded in multiple countries, it was their first album to be written remotely, it was their first album to be recorded with a full line-up since former drummer Mike Ross returned in 2021, and it was their first album after they reformed. The locations for this album were Manor Park Studio (Moneyglass NI), Landslide Studio (Ashville USA) and RSB Studio (Belfast NI) which is owned by the bands guitarist Ryan.

The album starts with Puppet Show and by 20 seconds in I just knew I was going to like this album… has an ’80s throwback feel about it which I really love and some great sing along choruses. The second track is Sweet Surrender which was the first single to be released on the 29th March and I think this will be a real crowd pleaser when played on the live circuit. Daywalker has a pounding drum intro and this heavy beat continues throughout this song……I really enjoyed the vocals on this song.

…these are both heavy and very riffy tracks that will be such crowd pleasers when played on the live set…

The pace slows down now for the power ballad Lorelei where back in the day lighters would be held high. But times change and now it would be mobile phone cameras. I really like this track as it just took me right back in time.

In Halfway to Heaven the pace picks up again and we are back to a fast pace aural assault and another sing along track. Next we have Evenfall and Bloody Mary, these are both heavy and very riffy tracks that will be such crowd pleasers when played on the live set. Another of my favourite tracks from this album was Time and I just loved the amazing guitar solo on this track. Heading to the final few tracks and up comes another favourite in Hideaway and it’s just such a catchy song that made me smile. Do or Die has a fabulous intro and is a track with a punchy beat and yes you have  guessed it, it’s another favourite! Cheyenne is the penultimate track and yet again this band have nailed it on the head musically, the beat, the riffs, and you’ve guessed it its another favourite. The final track is We All Die Young and this is a super cover of the Steelheart/Steel Dragon cover. It was a sheer delight to review this album and each track absolutely deserves to be on it!

ERB RATING: 10/10 


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Track Listing

1 Puppet Show
2 Sweet Surrender
3 Daywalker
4 Lorelei
5 Halfway To Heaven
6 Evenfall
7 Bloody Mary
8 Time
9 Hideaway
10 Do or Die
11 Cheyenne
12 We All Die Young

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