BlitZ Takeover ERB Radio!


Stuart, Kevin and Mat will be joining our very own Matt Plummer for a special takeover show this Tuesday 8th December at 19.00 (UK time)

There will be an interview with the band members, Blitz tracks will be played as well as the Christmas Single. The band will also get to choose their own tracks during the show. Tune in and show some love for this amazing band’s charity single.

BlitZ released their Christmas single ‘I Believe In Xmas (Do You Believe In Rock And Roll)’ in aid of Cancer Research UK on Friday 4th December 2020.

We decided, along with many others in the rock community, that we wanted to support this track and help get it heard as far and wide as possible!

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BlitZ are asking their fans to donate to the online page and then download the song.


Sometimes there’s a million reasons not to do something, other people not getting it, what will the cool brigade say, “NOT ANOTHER XMAS SONG”. So when BlitZ decided to record a Xmas song in aid of Cancer Research UK, they thought let’s show the world that the Rock Community is full of cool people who want to make a difference, they knew it was the right thing to do.

This is more than a Xmas song it’s a rallying call to try and help and send out a lifeline to people fighting Cancer and our awesome NHS. “Never give up, never give in.”

Every song has a story and this song’s story is about never giving up and never giving in. First diagnosed in 2012 with non-Hodgkinson’s low-grade follicular lymphoma, which is a treatable but not curable blood cancer and also cancer in the bones and bone marrow, Gail Corden (wife of Stuart Corden lead vocalist and bass player of the rock band BlitZ) began her first chemotherapy treatment in April 2015. After being carefully monitored for three years, Gail was in remission for nearly five years. The cancer returned in June of this year and a further course of chemotherapy was commenced in July and is currently on-going.

BlitZ decided to return to the studio and record a Christmas song, a rallying call to raise money for Cancer Research UK and throw some positivity out into the universe at these dark times. This song is in no way a compromise or sell out. This song stays true to the BlitZ vibe and the true spirit of rock and roll.

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Formed in 2015 BlitZ are:
Stuart Cordon (Vocals and Bass)
Kevin Simpson (Guitar)
Mat Davis (Drums and Vocals)

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