Watch FreeFall.’s video for ‘Changing’

FreeFall. have released the video to accompany their debut track Changing which highlights the societal issues we all currently face.

Watch the video below.

Talking exclusively to ERB about the track, FreeFall.’s David Goldsmith says: “We poured our hearts into this track to give voice to the frustrations and hopes of those who feel unheard. Our goal was to create something that resonates deeply with our audience, reflecting the real emotions and experiences that many people face. We’re committed to writing music that matters, music that makes a difference, and this track is a testament to that mission. It’s about connecting with listeners on a personal level and offering them a sense of understanding and solidarity.”

Rising Welsh band FreeFall. have recently released their debut single Changing, a powerful anthem that resonates with audiences far beyond their borders. Despite self-releasing the song, the band has grown significant interest with its poignant message addressing pressing societal issues, including job losses and increased poverty. At the forefront of Changing lies a heartfelt narrative that reflects the struggles faced by communities across the UK. The song’s lyrics delve into the recent job losses in the UK and the music video highlights the job losses in Port Talbot in particular, serving as a stark reminder of the economic challenges many individuals and families are grappling with today.

FreeFall. bring a fresh perspective to these issues, infusing their music with authenticity and raw emotion. Through Changing they aim to shed light on the realities faced by working-class communities, sparking important conversations and fostering empathy among listeners.
“We wanted to use our platform to shed light on the challenges our community and many others are facing. Music has the power to unite and inspire change, and Changing is our way of contributing to the dialogue surrounding these critical issues.”

The track has had an incredible reaction so far, already receiving countless radio plays and positive feedback. It has been featured prominently on various platforms, including BBC Introducing with Adam Walton. The enthusiastic response from listeners and industry professionals alike highlights the track’s widespread appeal and potential for even greater success.

Freefall. is an indie/post punk band hailing from South Wales. Drawing inspiration from a diverse mix of iconic acts such as The Clash, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan, The Strokes and Blink 182. Freefall. delivers a distinctive sound that captures the essence of their eclectic influences. Comprising three members who forged their bond while attending school together in Swansea, the band infuses their music with a raw, unfiltered energy that reflects their shared experiences and musical journey.

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