We are indeed living in strange times, and this formed part of the inspiration behind ‘Strange Times’, which has been released today. ‘Strange Times‘ is the lead track from the upcoming EP release ‘Ungrounded‘ which is due to be released on WDFD Records on 27th November 2020.

Strange Times’ is the clearest signal to date that Verity White refuses to sit neatly in a box and will continue to defy the boundaries of ‘genres’, producing music that while drawing from influences such as Skunk Anansie and Pearl Jam, is also an honest representation of Verity White and her band.

Vocals that are seductive yet invigorating are lain over addictive, melodious riffs, making for a soulful and intoxicating combination. A driving back beat underpins this rich, multi-layered, deeply inventive track, which takes the listener on a breathtaking mellifluous journey.

Strange Times’ is now available on all major streaming and download platforms here >>>

In a nod to the industries that have struggled during Covid restrictions, Verity White chose After Dark Animations, a small independent animation collective to collaborate with on the accompanying video which has also been unveiled today. Take a look below; we think it’s awesome!

If this has tickled your fancy, you can grab a pre-order copy of ‘Ungrounded’ from the Verity White website, or you can pre-save/pre-add the EP here >>> Watch out for a full review of the EP in Issue 2 of ERB Magazine.

The Verity White Band are:

Verity White – Vocals
Alex White – Guitar & Keys
Joe Kelly – Bass (live)
Alex McIntosh – Drums (live)

Make sure you give Verity White a follow on all their social channels:

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