Unknown Refuge release debut album ‘From The Darkness’

Teenage rock/metal act UNKNOWN REFUGE have released their debut album. Four years in the making, this 10 track long player showcases forward thinking from the young Bolton group and demonstrates laser sharp musicianship accompanied by thoughtful songwriting beyond their years.

This new chapter shows the progression, influences, and the journey of Unknown Refuge over the last four years since forming the band at the age of 14/15. As young people living in Bolton, England during a worldwide pandemic; ‘From The Darkness’ tells the evolution of a songwriter’s life growing up as a teenager, the personal interests during those years as well as capturing some of the struggles faced while growing up in the digital age of expression.

A lot of the songs reflect vocalist/bassist Alex Mancini’s life as a teenager, the personal interests during those years as well as capturing some of the struggles that he and others faced whilst growing up. The album also reflects and captures a lot of influences both musically and personally. Song themes are influenced by Greek mythology and historic wars which, incorporated with present day struggles gave birth to songs like ‘Battle Hymn’ and ‘If the Gods be Good’. Throughout the album you will hear clear musical influences and changes of style in certain songs which reflects the bands that were central to our listening at the time of writing. Essentially the album tracks Unknown Refuge’s progress as people and musicians.. ‘From The Darkness’ ‘To The Light’.

With hearts and minds at the forefront of ‘From The Darkness’, Unknown Refuge are ones to watch in 2021! A band to go see once the world moves forward and we can return to the brilliance of live music!

Watch the video for latest single ‘Battle Hymn’:

‘From The Darkness’ is released 26th March 2021.

Get it here: https://unknownrefugemerchandise.bigcartel.com/

Unknown Refuge is:

Alex Mancini – Vocal & Bass
Jack Tracey – Lead Guitar
Harry Skinner – Rhythm Guitar
Morgan Deveney – Drums

Website https://unknown-refuge.yolasite.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UnknownRefuge

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unknown_refuge/

Twitter https://twitter.com/UNKNOWN_REFUGE

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/7drFNShIkx16PJeM14xozT?si=dVi6YLe6QkKt7rAicaOiYg

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