Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel premiere debut video for ‘Mr Ed’s Glue Factory’

Thrash metallers Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel are premiering their debut video to accompany their single Mr Ed’s Glue Factory , taken from their debut EP Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel Goes Apeshit in Your Laundry which is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video exclusively below.

Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel emerged in a thriving local music scene at the beginning of the 1990s. This was a golden age for metal music with the sub-genres of thrash and death metal defining their identities; UDBB brought something a little different to the mosh-pit. It might have taken 30 years, but a rebooted UDBB have finally released the debut EP and are set to introduce a new generation of music lovers to their brand of comedy laced metal. 

Speaking of the track and video, the band state:

Mr Ed’s Glue Factory is a breakneck experience – aggressive and energetic, it has always been a band favourite to play live and was therefore the natural choice for our debut video and we are super excited for ERB to be offering an exclusive first play!  Taken from our recently release debut E.P. Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel Goes Apeshit in Your Laundry, this track is a metaphorical punch in the face for the wholesome banality of 1960s shows Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Flipper and Mister Ed. We wanted a video that encapsulated the energy and madness of the song and we think we got it spot on – a great window into the dark lunacy of the band.  If ever you feel you want to hit back at the vapidity of saccharine ladened nonsense, Uncle Daves’ has a solution: Pack ’em off….”

Mr Ed's Glue Factory
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