Tom Warren premieres the video for ‘Pistol’

Tom Warren is premiering the video for his latest single Pistol  which is set to be released tomorrow (15th March). You can watch the video exclusively below.

Cardiff’s very own indie rocker Tom Warren is set to release his brand new single Pistol via all streaming services on 15th March 2024. Pistol is infectious and thunderous single with anthemic melodies about attempting to resist vices that you know aren’t healthy.

Speaking of the track, Tom states: “Pistol is a track about internal battles, pros and cons of making certain lifestyle changes, and how our views, goals and motivations can change day to day, often influenced by a devil on our shoulder prompting us to seek short term enjoyment at the expense of longer-term meaning and purpose. The lyric at the start of the second verse ‘I’ll break everything, and still keep it around’ is one of my favorite I’ve written so far and really encapsulates the meaning of the song. At times it’s felt like no matter the problems caused by a more hedonistic way of living, I’ve refused to make the necessary changes to achieve longer-term happiness, and so the problems resurface as long as this cycle continues. I know what I need to do, but knowing is one thing, really understanding and doing is another, and my frustration at my inability to really eradicate persistent self-defeating habits is a constant theme throughout the song.”

Tom Warren is an indie rock singer songwriter from Cardiff, Wales. His music is of an introspective nature, often berating his lack of ability to sustain more productive ways of living, and his susceptibility to be take the easy option. His writing is inspired by a broad range on influences, musically you can hear Deaf Havana and Trophy Eyes, and lyrically Juice Wrld, Lil Peep and Phoebe Bridgers really resonate. What results is an emo rock fusion that he hopes will be relatable to many.

Tom Warren - Pistols
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