The Alchemy premiere video for ‘Birdsong’

The Alchemy are premiering their video to accompany their latest track Birdsong which will be available on all major streaming platforms tomorrow (16th June 2023) taken from their forthcoming album Somewhere//Anywhere.

Speaking of the track, the band says:

Birdsong is the opening belter of our new record, Somewhere//Anywhere if we do say so ourselves, making a mark and setting off the new era for us as The Alchemy. We went to a place uncharted for us as musicians, blending tempos and genres allowing our creativity without restraint and embraced the chaos. It all culminates in a track that fills us with pride, ready to unleash its raw power and ignite the eardrums. 

“The music video for Birdsong combines the energy you will get from us as a band with a simple narrative which is all about the importance of having someone special in our lives. It shows us that when we’re on our own, things can feel really chaotic and confusing. But when we find that person who brings us happiness, everything becomes brighter. The video paints a clear picture of how being alone can lead to a lot of uncertainty and purpose.  It’s a simplistic reminder that having a companion can make our lives much better.”

Birdsong Cover Artwork
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