Teiger premiere the video for urgently brooding debut single ‘Hydra’


The dark energies of the subtly brooding Hydra are the perfect introduction to Teiger’s aural vision.

Speaking exclusively to ERB, Teiger’s frontwoman, Talie Rose Eigeland comments on the track, “This first release is a calling card – an invitation into Teiger’s colourful sonic landscape. Hydra is about psychic tension, power, and the clash between resignation and acceptance.”

The urgent Hydra seethes with “anxiety but with an undercurrent of fatalism – of something that’s already been lost. It’s angry, chasing itself, yet still going through the motions. There’s a soothing appeal in the melancholy that hides its brutality,” explains talismanic singer and guitarist Talie Rose Eigeland.
Turning heads with an intriguing mix of twisting rock, folk and psychedelia, Teiger are a fractured collision of pastoral and jagged, with a unique sound that is wilfully hard to pin down but draws you into a whole new warm world of wonder that sees shafts of sunshine break through the melancholy.
To celebrate the release of Hydra, Teiger played an astonishing intimate show on November 10th at Strongroom, Shoreditch. London. 
Teiger will draw you onto the rocks with their own siren song and once you’ve been captured, you may never want to leave. What strikes you most about Teiger is that nothing they ever do is ordinary … in any way.


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Teiger are:

Talie Rose Eigeland = vocals / guitar

Jonathan Steele – drums

Philip Eldridge-Smith – bass


Buy a ticket for Teiger’s  next show at Camden Assembly on Friday Jan 20th: https://shop.camden-live.com/product/tickets/jan-20th-2023-camden-assembly-teiger-sentience-machine-sam-j-martin-supera-morza/

Teiger - Hydra Single Cover
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