Gareth Endean-Pitt

Radio Presenter

Gareth presents ‘The Metal Show’, combining music from the best new metal bands with his own personal brand of idiocy. A lifelong metal fan, Gareth has walked the walk, talked the talk and as the author of ‘Half a Ton of Heavy Metal’ when we say he’s written the book on metal we mean it literally!
‘The Metal Show’ airs on alternate Friday nights between 20:00 and 22:00. Your headbanger’s ball awaits!

The Metal Show

Friday night mayhem with Gareth

Latest show

Track Listing 28-07-23

Semprus – Insanity
Orbit Culture – From the Inside
Graveripper – Seasons Dreaming Death
Bloodbound – 1066Carnation – Maruta
Gravehuffer – Go Murder Pray and Die
Crostpaths – Nostalgia
Motherslug – Hordes
Death’s Head and the Space Allusion – The Son of Shahar
Knife – Night Vision
Skálmöld – Verðandi
All For Metal – All For Metal
Electric Callboy – Everytime We Touch
Capra – Tied Up
Necro Weasel – Feel The Speed
Survivalist – Greater Negative
Temple of Dread – World Below
Hellfrost – Abomination
Ancient Settlers – Cerements
Exiled Hope – The Summoning
A Light Within – Terraform
Urne – The Burden
Teiger – Law of Diminishing Returns
Death Ingloria – All Eyes on Me
Princess Alice Manor – mon-STaR (You Know What You Are)

Past shows

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