REVIEW: Wolf Moon – How Do You See Yourself


Written by: Emma Painter

It’s a well-known fact that each month of the year has a different moon to represent it; and January’s full moon, which should appear around the 6th January in 2023, is called the ‘Wolf Moon’ or the ‘Moon after Yule’ in Anglo-Saxon times.  

But it’s also the name of an up and coming British duo comprising singer-songwriters Lethbridge Owen, aka Kelly Lethbridge and Jimmy Owen, who are making a name for themselves in the music world as new and original artists.

Released in October 2022, their first album titled How Do You See Yourself is packed with 10 tracks full of soul, emotion and beautifully crafted lyrics.

It’s clear that the duo have also collaborated with some of the U.K.’s finest musicians on this album with Erik Stats on drums, Noah Nelson on bass and Emily Francis providing keyboards.  Add to this Owen’s exquisite guitar playing and the soothing vocal harmonies from Lethbridge, the album most definitely oozes influential hints of early Fleetwood Mac. 

Variations on a Feeling is the first track of the album and impressively sets the tone. Owen’s double-tracked vocals with the haunting whispers of Lethbridge instantaneously cradles and soothes your mind, whilst the slow and swaying beat helps your body to unwind; and then there’s the seductive riff of the guitar.

Tell Me What I Don’t Know, on the other hand sets the tempo higher with pulsing drums and the mild crescendo of lyrics, whilst Colours I Dream In is laced with bright and dreamy keys and a feel-good vibe.

Wolf Moon have created their own sound from a plethora of rock, soul and blues with each track depicting something completely unique.

Lethbridge and Owen’s vocals are both sharp and smooth which intertwine perfectly throughout; backed by the twang of acoustic guitars, softly plucked bass riffs and light and airy drumbeats, you’ve got the perfect recipe for an album that will never ever date.  

How Do You See Yourself is a must for any Mac fan with its refreshing rendition of their classic sound.

wolf moon



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