REVIEW: SLACKRR – A Place That Feels Like Home

Written by: Mike Ward

Sophomore album release A Place That Feels Like Home by Southampton trio Slackrr is a feel good, infectious, triumphant romp through the pop punk annals by one of the hardest working bands out there. The band’s influences are represented like a badge of honour and all the titans of pop punk are here. Don’t write it off as merely a copy of what has gone before though, this a devastatingly good album from start to finish. It’s totally catchy and gets you nodding your head the minute opening track Home hits your grateful ears.

It doesn’t let up from there, next track Playing With Fire has a sing-along opening and hook that you just know will go down really well at festivals this summer. The whole album has that kind of festival feel to it with big catchy choruses that will undoubtedly get the crowd interaction going on a summer day. Musically this is unashamedly pop punk in sound and style and it absolutely nails the genre. It takes all of the feel good vibes of pop punk and elevates it to another level. It contains 11 songs and there is literally not a bad one on there. For me Forgive Me is the standout and I hear shades of New Found Glory in there which will always be a massive plus for me but every song has something in it. Whether you’re new to the genre or a diehard veteran I’m certain that this album will appeal to you. Let’s not get hung up on labels though, this is simply a great album from beginning to end. For me an album is all about how it makes you feel and A Place That Feels Like Home makes me feel good. I absolutely love it.

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