REVIEW: Jessica Lynn – Lone Rider

Written by: Smudge

Jessica Lynn is considered a country artist who has had a string of hit singles, but has only released three EPs and a debut live album since 2013. Now, we have her first full album – Lone Rider.

Lynn herself doesn’t want to be chained to just one genre, originally from New York, not exactly the hot bed of country music, she takes her influences from country, rock, blues, soul and pop and all those flow throughout her songs.

Kicking off with the bright country-tinged pop of Now Or Never and Getaway Car before the sexy, sultry blues of One More Song, the title track is a moody torch song, then we get some country soul on Better Than That. Get the tissues out because You Wouldn’t Know is the saddest acoustic ballad about falling out of love and being taken for granted. Things pick up a bit with the punchy blues of Love Me That Way before the toe tapper You Won’t. You Never Remind Me is a heart-wrenching slow dance waiting to happen, then Love The Day Away is a love song about making love. Worth It is a jaunty happy roller, then we get back to the tissue action with Run To, another heart-breaking ballad. Album closer The Morning Always Comes is a passionate rock ballad and a fine way to end. This is a great record. It makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you dance and makes you think, which is what great art should do.

I have the utmost respect for Jessica Lynn because she is a fine writer reminding me of Beth Nielsen Chapman, Shania Twain and Canadian singer Lee Aaron. They all have a way with words and know how to craft their songs. Also, Lynn is not just a fine songwriter, she has a bachelor’s degree in adolescent education and mathematics plus a master’s in special education, oh … and get this, she is employed as an ambassador for the US State Department bureau of educational and cultural affairs, where she is responsible for spreading American music and culture. Well, she can take this record wherever she goes as a fine example of American music and culture and as an example of how to write and perform great songs. 9/10



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