Ramblin’ Preachers premiere video for ‘Separate Ways’

Blues rockers Ramblin’ Preachers are premiering the video to accompany their new single Separate Ways which is set to be released via all streaming services tomorrow (13th October 2023). The track is groove-driven, filled with gargantuan glee, soaring vocals and a raw and direct blues-rock intensity.

Watch the video exclusively below.

Rising from the concrete city of Milton Keynes, Southern Blues rockers Ramblin’ Preachers, formed by the creative minds of vocalist/guitarist Ross Connor and lead guitarist James Ives, are set to release their trail blazing new single Separate Ways.

With their distinctive brand of riff driven rock, catchy hooks and relatable lyrics.
Separate Ways gives the vibe of the type of song you turn up the volume, fire up the V8 and just drive to.

The band state:

“The influences are firmly set in the southern rock vibe and that’s where the bands passion clearly lies. Trying to do something familiar but with a twist that keeps the audience engaged and interested, whilst focusing on what serves the song. Guitarist James Ives and Lead Singer / Guitarist Ross Connor are clearly tone chasers and that is very transparent in ‘Separate Ways’ where the rhythmical and sonic element is so important.”

The bands previous singles Mind Your Own Business, Better Than Me and Jester all display the very ‘rootsy’ foundations of what Ramblin’ Preachers are about. The band also won the Introducing Stage at the Great British Rock & Blues Festival 2022 which helped the band in becoming what is one of the hottest live bands around.

With Arena like power, relatable song writing and a face melting live show they aim to continue their success with their debut album Sins & Virtues. With the excellent minds of producers Wayne Proctor & Oli Brown now intertwined within the band’s productions and compositions it’s a good time to get behind the wheel and join the journey.

Ramblin Preachers - Separate Ways Single Art
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