Pink Footage premiere lyric video for ‘Stuck’

Liverpool based post-punk band Pink Footage are premiering their video to accompany their debut track Stuck which will be available on all major streaming platforms tomorrow (18th August 2023).

Watch the video exclusively below.

Pink Footage’s debut offering is a crooked and angular piece that sees spiky post-punk rhythms and frenetic guitars jostle against warped spoken-word vocal harmonies, Stuck is a nod to the claustrophobia and restlessness that led the foursome to form Pink Footage in the first place. The band’s Michael Edwards says of the track:

We wanted to make something that gets your blood pumping, some rock and roll with swagger. The lyrics have the paranoid energy of the music. It’s all about forcing your way out of a rut through sheer will.”

Moving on to the video, Michael continues:

The video is based around the concept of our old selves dragging our new selves from our day jobs back into the fray to play again, so beyond being a bit of a surreal self kidnap visual, it’s also about holding different versions of yourself, and not being able to escape parts of you that you thought you’d left behind. At least that’s my view, we all have our own views, and the audience can take whatever they want from it.”

Pink Footage are Oli Cummins, Michael Edward, Hannah Lodge and Tom Shand. Rising from the ashes of Liverpool rock stalwarts Elevant, the band were born after realising they’d wasted the time gifted to them by Covid doing the same thing they always did”  and deciding it was time for a change.

Laying their old setlist to rest and a new identity thanks to the addition of Ali Cummins, the bands sound took  janky, angular and sometimes sinister turns. Embracing the change, the band took on the new name of Pink Footage, taken from a  transformation they had witnessed on old, degraded war footage.

Speaking of the new band, Michael says:
“We’ve all played together in some form or another for quite a while, but there comes a point where you want to make something without the baggage of youth, start fresh when you actually know what you’re doing. It’s been a joy to go from square one with everything thought out, the style, the sound, the aesthetics. It’s proper excitement.”
Stuck Single Artwork
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