Pete Briley premieres video for ‘Highflyer’

Pete Briley is premiering the video to accompany his brand new single Highflyer.

Watch the video exclusively below.

Highflyer is the latest single to be taken from Pete Briley’s self-titled debut album.

Speaking of the track, Pete says: “Like a few of my songs, Highflyer has a thread of angst running through it – a pondering of how the young, idealistic versions of us might see us if they could see us today. A pause to consider if the place we find ourselves is the place we’re meant to be.

“The track also has an autobiographical double meaning. The first proper band I was in when I was was 18 was called Highflyer, and one of our songs (which is probably still on YouTube aging badly) had the chorus ‘I feel like I’m a million light years away from you’ so the lyrics ‘I was a Highflyer’ and ‘I’m a million light years away from finding home’ are little autobiographical references that I hid in there for the small pocket of people that were into Highflyer in the early noughties.

Highflyer is punctuated with beautiful trumpets played by the immensely talented Nebojsa Pavlo. During 2020, when the song was first written, I found myself lying awake (like a lot of us did that year) in the middle of the night. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up, fired up my computer and sat down in front of the working demo of Highflyer. Between 2 and 6 am I worked away, composing and scoring out the trumpet lines until my wife wandered into the studio bleary eyed. I played what I had put together for her and she immediately said she thought the track had something special about it and that I should think about putting it out, she still says it’s her favourite track on my album.”

As 1/3 of The Outlaw Orchestra, Pete Briley is no stranger to the music scene. Showcasing his broad musical repertoire, this is a musician who loves to write and record. With a wealth of experience across genres, added to a ranging list of musical influences – the music of Pete Briley has widespread appeal and an enthusiasm that is hard to stifle.

Pete’s single, Elvis was ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing.

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