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ERB started out as an idea to get some unsigned and under the radar bands a bit of exposure via social media. Since we laid those foundations we have grown considerably. ERB Radio and ERB Online are now well respected and valued resources of new and emerging artists to be heard and it is much loved by our readers. Our original idea is still the same, we just have more responsibility and pressure to represent the bands and to ensure we continue to put out great content and grow organically so that we can do more to promote, play and feature the right bands to the right people.

Our mission is:

  • To seek out talented and hardworking new rock artists
  • To promote new artists via social media, radio and online
  • To play new and emerging rock music via ERB Radio 24/7
  • To feature new and emerging rock artists on our ever-growing website
  • We never charge artists or PR companies for features or airplay
  • We interview each and every band we write about
  • Our radio station is registered with PPL and PRS to ensure bands get paid

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Clearly put together with professionalism and passion. Get yourself a copy!

Love Rocks Festival

Love Rocks Festival

Jim Love

Maybe the best presentation of today’s Rock and Roll I’ve seen yet.

Keep Rock Alive (NYC)

Keep Rock Alive (NYC)


It’s a must purchase, with amazing little touches like QR codes pointing you to music or merch stores of the bands you’re reading about!

Bevis Robins

Bevis Robins

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