Of Concrete Gods premiere lyric video for ‘Chasing Clichés’

Metal-tinged grunge band Of Concrete Gods are premiering their lyric video to accompany their latest track Chasing Clichés which will be available on all major streaming platforms tomorrow (18th August 2023) taken from their forthcoming album HurtPeopleHurtPeople which is due for release on 13th October 2023.

Watch the video exclusively below.

The track is a rip-roaring heavy assault to the senses with its crunching riffs, soaring vocals and thunderous rhythm section. Speaking of the track, the band says:

“There are a few brash, abrasive songs on the upcoming E.P. and some sludgy chunky riffs too. After laying down so much melody in last year’s acoustic E.P. we didn’t want to lose sight of that now that we’re plugged back in.

“Clichés started out as a song between me and Rich in a previous band (Dead Next Week) that never got finished. Then we played around with it last year as a potential acoustic song, but it needed to be louder. Now it sits pretty perfectly as a song that is hook-laden and sing-along, but also full of crunchy guitars and in-your-face drums.

“We love closing the love set with it for exactly those reasons.”

Of Concrete Gods are a metal-tinged grunge band formed in 2018 in Luton (UK). Early singles Obsidian (2020) and Good Samaritan (2021) have drawn comparison to Soundgarden, Faith No More, and Alice in Chains.

The COVID pandemic, coupled with an illness in the band, forced a step back for a year or so. The band turned this setback into opportunity by spending the time writing and recording a more acoustic flavoured set of songs.

E.P. Our Trauma is not a Competition highlighted their love affair with 90s unplugged grunge and was released over the summer of 2022.

Chasing Cliches Artwork
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