Music Review: Valhalla Awaits – Perdition

Written by: Craig Bailey


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Valhalla Awaits


8th March 2024

Perdition (noun), the state of eternal punishment and damnation. Well, after having the pleasure of listening to this new 5 track EP from the powerful South Wales rockers Valhalla Awaits, Perdition is certainly not a state you feel. Rather than it being an eternal punishment, listening to the heavyweight riffs and melodies throughout you are left with a sense of excitement and amazement.

The EP starts with the monstrous machine gun riffs from Chris Green and Rhys Carter on the opener Door Of No Return. The song is a damming tale of the Transatlantic slave trade and the associated horrors and does not let up throughout. It is an intense salvo driven on the thunderous drums of Gareth Lawrence, with cutting guitar lines over the top when the riffs relent just that little bit. The band still retain their trademark melody thoughout which will have you singing along whilst frantically trying to shake your head from your shoulders.

For anybody who has fought their way through life’s struggles the next track Staring At The Gun could well be your anthem. With its uplifting lyrics of resilience and fortitude along with a wonderous chorus hookline, it will have you challenging the world at the top your voice and with a middle finger raised. The song glides along on a glorious Alice In Chains vibe and Sam Kilby’s bass line that I defy you not to move to.

Is There Anybody Out There is the track that, if there was any justice, would turn Valhalla Awaits in global superstars. This is vocalist Andrew Hunt’s tour de force. Through his commanding, melodious and potent talent he sublimely conveys emotional fragility as his voice reaches the highest plateaus and lifts you from the darkest of places. The rest of the band all bring their brilliance too, especially Chris, with his searing solo as the crescendo is reached and then fades out. This incredible masterpiece will have festival fields entranced throughout this summer and will be in my top 5 tracks of 2024.

All Hope Is Lost is a pointed and pertinent stab at those who run this country into the ground, doing nothing but take from those who work hard to create something.

We Remain turns the heat back up with another thunderous set of riffs. Each member of the band delivers so much into this song but at no point does it ever seem overdone or overblown, it is perfectly pitched. The best compliment I can give is this; imagine the song you wish Alter Bridge had written this past few years and then this is it.

The EP closes with a song for today. All Hope Is Lost is a pointed and pertinent stab at those who run this country into the ground, doing nothing but take from those who work hard to create something. The frustration pours out of the speakers as the guitars spit barbs and the rhythm section looks to punch great holes in the establishment. Despite the songs title, it does not lament a lost cause. Again with killer hooks that will fully engage any crowd of any size, the lyrics are a compelling call to arms and a warning of complacency.

This EP is another huge statement screaming out of South Wales. Heaven knows what it is down there that results in such amazing music, but as music fans we are living through a golden age. Perdition comfortably stands alongside all the other unbelievable releases from the area in the past year or so.



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