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Written by: Lucy Heffer


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Tom Killner

Borrowed Time


Reportedly the fastest growing music genre in the UK, Tom Killner shows there is no need to look to Nashville for a country music fix as he is blazing his own trail with his new album Borrowed Time. The South Yorkshire native blends southern and americana sounds on a nostalgic 10 track album with a modern feel.

The opening track Cosmic Sounds is also the first single released. With an upbeat southern vibe, it is a foot tapping tune featuring Sam Wood (Wayward Sons, Black Star Riders) on lap steel and backing vocals. This tempo continues on Tom’s story telling track Devil’s Gate, before an intoxicating harmonica intro into the ballad One Day at a Time, slows things down. An emotional song, it was an outlet for Tom dealing with headspace issues and is both personal and pensive.

The honky-tonk-tastic On the Other Side is the standout track on the album. The slide guitar is sublime, and Tom’s vocals are perfectly pitched. This song would not sound out of place on a Blackberry Smoke album. Tom sings ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side’ and I wholeheartedly agree, immersed in this track is a place I would like to stay!

A quiet and beautiful campfire moment of reflection, featuring bluegrass fiddle, showcases Tom’s vocal range on Only You, followed by more slide guitar and stories on Borrowed Time. The track No More would suit a dance hall shindig and with beautiful backing vocals provided by Kier it was a struggle to remain seated whilst listening. The urge to start to line dance was strong! This track really demonstrates the talents of the performers. They are not competing but beautifully layered, leading to an enriched sound.

…Tom sings ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side’ and I wholeheartedly agree, immersed in this track is a place I would like to stay!

There are a couple of songs with more of a rock vibe amongst the ten tracks; Heart of Gold – after a slow start kicks it up a notch to be the heaviest track and leads into the equally strong sing-along crowd pleaser Light It Up. However, it is great to hear that the final song returns to the southern sounds that make this album one of my albums of the year already! Tom saddles up and invites listeners to Ride with Me and the beat almost makes you feel like are cantering across the prairie.

There are plenty of musical influences on this album, but the blend is fresh and intriguing. Kick open the saloon doors, grab a stool and take it all in.



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Band Members

Tom Killner – Guitar and Vocals
Wes Brook – Keys / Hammond
Callum Houghton – Bass
Rich Hunter – Drums

Track Listing

  1. Cosmic Sounds
  2. Devils Gate
  3. One Day at a Time
  4. On the Other Side
  5. Only You
  6. Borrowed Time
  7. No More
  8. Heart of Gold
  9. Light it Up
  10. Ride with Me
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