Music Review: The Bad Day – The Irish Goodbye

Written by: Nick Ashton


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The Bad Day

The Irish Goodbye

28th June 2024

Drawing on an eclectic range of influences, The Bad Day continue to resist being pigeonholed on their third album, The Irish Goodbye. Rather than being confined by a single style, the band focus on story telling and adapt their musical approach to match the mood and feel of the lyrics. The result is a compelling set of songs which describe the ups and downs of a love affair between a musician and the woman he meets at a show.

Starting with the upbeat and downright dirty Heartbeat there is an underlying sexual tension in the groove as our protagonists first meet and begin the courtship dance. Adam Rigg’s bass sounds gorgeous as it throbs with every beat of the heart, while German Moura’s snare drum cracks like a whip. This is quickly followed by Welcome To The Show, which is driven by a sassy beat and harmonica fills, courtesy of Sam Spranger, that convey a strutting confidence, before a dirty fuzzy guitar solo from Nick Peck. The lyrics are delivered in an almost breathless manner highlighting the rising passion as the couple eye each other up, oblivious to the crowd in the room.

The mood then changes to one of remorse as the lovers part ways at the end of the night in Mr Regret, accompanied by a soulful harmonica and a downbeat melody which perhaps foretells the future of the relationship. Bitterness begins to creep in on No Love For Sale, provoking a caustic guitar solo which matches the anguish in the vocals: was it just a one night stand or is there a future for the couple? As we progress through the album, they meet up again and the relationship matures; but everyday life takes a shine off the initial passion. High Maintenance speaks of the strains imposed by a demanding partner, while doubts are raised on Sliding Doors as cracks appear before the relationship spirals towards its inevitable end. The tide turns on Bag of Bones, which has an up-beat almost country feel reflecting the relief felt after it’s all over and our protagonists have gone their separate ways. The final chapter of the story is played out on the title track itself, The Irish Goodbye, which is simply beautiful. Part lament, part catharsis this is a heartfelt blues song which features an absolutely stunning guitar solo from Nick.

If you are open to intelligent, story-driven song writing backed by varied and evocative music then you are sure to enjoy The Irish Goodbye.

Throughout the collection of 11 songs, the musicianship is excellent as is the production: listening on headphones you are rewarded with clear separation of the instruments allowing every nuance to be picked up. Adam’s bass sounds deep and luscious across the whole album, while Nick’s restrained and tasteful guitar underpins the melody until it is time to step up in the mix for the solo. His guitar is never intrusive, allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics which form the heart of the album; but when it is time to add colour he does so with a flare and style that more bombastic players often lack. Sam’s harmonica adds to The Bad Day’s unique sound, at times providing depth to the melody and elsewhere coming to the fore to stamp his mark on a song. Last but by no means least is drummer German, whose style varies from driving rhythmic patterns to restrained jazz-tinged fills. The overall effect serves to complement the mood and tone of the song; everything is there for a reason and there is not an ounce of unnecessary fat.

If you are open to intelligent, story-driven song writing backed by varied and evocative music then you are sure to enjoy The Irish Goodbye.

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Band Members

Adam Rigg – Vocals & Bass

Nick Peck – Guitar

Sam Spranger – Harmonica

German Moura – Drums

Track Listing

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Welcome To The Show
  3. Mr Regret
  4. No Love For Sale
  5. High Maintenance
  6. Old Lovers
  7. Powerless
  8. Sliding Doors
  9. A Long Shot
  10. Bag Of Bones
  11. The Irish Goodbye
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