Music Review: Stone Angels – Up In Smoke

Written by: Doug Bearne


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Stone Angels

Up In Smoke


The second album from Brighton’s grunge rockers Stone Angels comes after a gap of ten years since the debut. The band has been through line-up changes as well as life changes, but it all makes for an album worth the wait.

Is this that ‘difficult second album’? No, not at all. The band have matured well, with all that life has thrown at them. Covid affected the band just as everyone else, but it gave them time to nurture and fine-tweak it. Up In Smoke, the album’s title track comes from a real-life trauma as suffered by guitarist James. In November 2019, his house caught on fire as he was inside whilst having some gas work done. The resulting blaze gave him inspiration, and helped his mental state too. The track is a real story in a song, told with a western style feel. Around this are a collection of eight other songs of varying levels of grunge-fuelled rock, including the heavy hitting singles Where The Crows Fly, Hold On, Over The Edge, and latest offering Supercharged, released on the same day as the album. These are probably the heaviest tracks on the album, but that doesn’t mean the rest are inferior. Most certainly not, by any stretch. Any one of them could easily come out as a single, and the plan is to ultimately release them all through the year.

All the songs are well written and crafted, with excellent musicianship throughout

Gambler is a track inspired by drummer Loz’s life as a professional gambler, with card-related lyrics and a machine-gun beat from the man himself, it’s a dead-cert winner for sure. It’s not all burning fire and fury though – there are some mellow touches on the album too, with Ghost Of New York and Halfway To Nowhere. These are two tracks which hold some soft keys and exquisite string flurries. For a heavier band, these are some class songs, with some heart-felt lyrics.

The album finishes with a track to make you think – Western Dreams. Is the western world all it is cracked up to be? Is it a desirable place to be? Having this album to listen to certainly helps!

All the songs are well written and crafted, with excellent musicianship throughout from the band, and great production from Mike Krompass (Steven Tyler, Smash Mouth). Niall’s voice perfectly matches the music, and varies well with the feel of the songs. Definitely one to listen to all the way through.

ERB RATING: 8.5/10


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Band Members

Niall Kersey – Vocals

James Innes – Guitar

Sam Sayers – Bass

Loz Ford – Drums

Track Listing

  1. Where The Crows Fly
  2. Gambler
  3. Hold On
  4. Up In Smoke
  5. Halfway To Nowhere
  6. Over The Edge
  7. Ghost of New York
  8. Supercharged
  9. Western Dreams
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