Music Review: Sons of Liberty – The Detail Is In The Devil

Written by: Bea Burridge


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Sons of Liberty 

The Detail Is In The Devil

23rd February 2024

From a raucous opening right the way through to an overly satisfying ending, Sons of Liberty are back with a belter of an album made up of eleven tracks of pure rock delight. The Detail Is In The Devil is an album fuelled by the power of everything you would want to remember about ’80s Rock n Roll, leaving out anything that made it forgettable or cliché.

The hard rock five piece from Bristol are set to release their third album on Friday 23rd February 2024, with this being the first album to feature Russ Grimmett fronting the band, who has brought with him a freshness and drive that has lifted the sound to next level. Making up the rest of the band is Fred Hale and Andy Muse (Guitars), Mark Thomas (Bass) and Steve Byrne (Drums).

Whilst the album isn’t out until next year, Sons of Liberty have already released two singles from it. The first single released was Time To Fly, the opening track of the album. This track was the most played song in September on Hard Rock Hell Radio, and #2 in Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Tracks of the Week’ public vote and it is not hard to see why. With loud guitars, catchy riffs and dynamic vocals from the off, it is definitely something you will find yourself singing to yourself for days after first listening to it.

On the 26th of October this year Sons Of Liberty released their second single from their upcoming album Turn This Tide. This single is everything you’d want from a stadium sized rock ballad, from power chords to mega harmonies.

As the album goes on, at no point do you feel you are listening to a filler track, every single song holds its own as what could be a strong single. Hawk Men Come would not be out of place on an Aerosmith album, whilst Tertulia Time has remanence of a young AC/DC musically with a gnarlier vocal line.

It is an album to make you feel invincible whether it’s a long car journey, a gym session or just getting to work in the morning, The Detail Is In The Devil is going to find its way in to your daily life and give you exactly what you need to get through the day. This is a band you need to see live, sweat with and scream to at the top of your lungs.

You can pre-order The Detail Is In The Devil from The Big Cartel

ERB RATING: 8.5/10


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