Music Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck – Red Moon Rising

Written by: Bea Burridge


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Robert Jon & The Wreck

Red Moon Rising


California rockers Robert Jon & The Wreck’s highly anticipated new album Red Moon Rising has been released today on Journey Records, and after listening to it, and it’s not an album you’ll want to miss.

The album is a bold declaration of evolution and rebirth, capturing the bands essence perfectly with what the band describe as their most ambitious project yet. This twelve-track album (including two bonus tracks) encapsulates the Southern rock sound from the east coast and Robert Jon & The Wreck make it their own. Red Moon Rising opens with track Stone Cold Killer which is the perfect owner to get the listener on side. With call and response to get you singing along immediately you can’t help but imagine this being performed live. The third track echoes this with its cinematic sound and its ‘Eagles’ like drama, Ballad Of A Broken Hearted Man is something straight off a stadium sized stage. A few tracks later Hold On brings a sound so smooth it reminded me of Tom Petty’s track ‘Honey Bee’. As you move through the album, the Southern rock style is undeniable, but each track holds its own and tells its own story. Down No More and Worried Mind bring a slight change of pace, being such easy listens, I already know they will be the soundtrack of my summer with their effortless americana sound.

Start to finish this album is electrifying and without a doubt one of the best albums I have heard in a long, long time.

The album finishes with two bonus tracks, Rager and Hate To See You Go. Both tracks are so effortlessly sublime I have had them on repeat. With vocals that rival Christopher Mark Robinson with added rasp the bonus tracks are an absolute treat worth waiting for.

Red Moon Rising is one of those albums where every single track will be added to your playlist. The drive of the album makes it impossible to turn off with clean but dirty riffs bringing fresh nostalgia to your ears. Creedence Clearwater Revival lyrics with a ZZ Top sound keep the album pace interesting and exciting.

Start to finish this album is electrifying and without a doubt one of the best albums I have heard in a long, long time.

Robert Jon & The Wreck are embarking on a UK tour in November and December this year and I cannot wait to hear these songs live. I highly recommend you catch them on tour if you can too.

ERB RATING: 9.5/10 


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Track Listing

  1. Stone Cold Killer
  2. Trouble
  3. Ballad Of A Broken Hearted Man
  4. Red Moon Rising
  5. Dragging Me Down
  6. Hold On
  7. Down No More
  8. Help Yourself
  9. Worried Mind
  10. Give Love
  11. Rager (CD Bonus Track)
  12. Hate To See You Go (CD Bonus Track)
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