Music Review: Promethium – Bleeding the Ghost

Written by: Evelyn Barr


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Bleeding the Ghost


Formed in Lancaster in 2007, Promethium are set to release Bleeding the Ghost, their 5th studio album following on from EP’s The Revenge (2007) and Tribute to the Fallen (2009) and albums Welcome to the Institution (2017) and Faces of War (2017). Promethium draw their musical influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica and Megadeath and other metal bands from that era.

The album begins with the very sublime Goat and this leads the listener to think on what will follow, which is the title track Bleeding the Ghost, and this immediately sets the tone for the album, it’s a heavy one and riff-packed with thumping drums and amazing guitar work. Next up is Priest and I really liked this track and I’m sure this will be well received on the live circuit. I love the vocals on this track and my head is bobbing already. Track 4 is Murder She Wrote and it’s another heavy track and if you are expecting sweet little Jessca Fletcher from Cabot Cove then she is not there, this song is a lot darker and one of my favourites so far. Healing your Sin and Knives Out are both blistering tracks and again I cannot wait to hear these played live. Following on is the slower Manhattan and this has also become a favourite on this album. Catfish is the shortest song on the album, but it still packs all the punches and then some. The penultimate track Snakebite has nothing to do with slithery beasts or a lager/cider drink of choice from the 1980’s, this is a dark song about venomous females. The final song My Fate also contains some very dark lyrics, but I’m sure this will also be a firm favourite for fans.

This is an album that was three years in the making in which time Promethium went through some lineup changes, but this has not altered the sound but enhanced it. I think this is the best Promethium record to date as it is just so well polished; it has everything a metal fan could wish for and I simply cannot fault this labour of love from the guys and I doubt listeners will not tire from repeat playing it as I have done.

The name Promethium comes from the Greek Titan Promethius who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the people; Promethium do the very same with their music. This is an album that should be on repeat play and make sure you turn it up loud.

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