Music Review: No Worth of Man – What’s Your Damage?

Written by: Gareth Endean-Pitt


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No Worth of Man

What’s Your Damage

8th March 2024

A glimpse at the neon pinks and purples of the cover art and a quick listen to the A-Team style intro track of this new EP from Hampshire heavyweights No Worth of Man, is more than a little misleading. They depict an alternate reality of a vampire infested 1980s Miami, in which our band of intrepid vampire hunters are the only hope for the city. Any notions that this means we’re in for a ludicrous feast of ’80s synthesizers, Stranger Things nostalgia and high concept high jinks a la Alestorm or Evil Scarecrow is dispelled as soon as the music kicks in.

What No Worth of Man actually deliver is a blistering, bruising take on modern metal that hits you full in the face and rattles your skull. The concept may be tongue in cheek, but the music assuredly is not. In fact, once you’re past the 30 sec opener you can pretty much forget about it entirely. There are monstrous riffs, Machine Head style harmonics, a touch of Pantera’s groove and a hint of vintage Lamb of God. Peter Gale’s powerful vocals edge towards the death metal end of the spectrum without ever descending into full-on Cookie Monster growls and the guitars and drums combine to create a battering ram of noise, and while there are clear reference points, ultimately the band resolutely sound like no one but themselves.

There are monstrous riffs, Machine Head style harmonics, a touch of Pantera’s groove and a hint of vintage Lamb of God.

Thankfully within the noise there is nuance and while they don’t diversify their sound hugely over this four song EP, each song is distinct from the last, and each listen reveals additional depths to the blueprint. On the downside though the songs don’t quite lodge in your brain the way you’d like them to, the often excellent riffs getting lost in the maelstrom rather than providing a hook you could hang your hat on. No Worth of Man clearly have no desire to do anything hackneyed or cliched but perhaps a tried and tested method like bringing-the-riff-back-but-slower could elevate these songs from sounding good to feeling great.

But ultimately the worst thing you can say about this EP is that there isn’t enough of it, it’s loud, it’s powerful and – slightly incongruous concept aside – it’s a serious statement of intent from a metal band to keep your eye on.



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What's Your Damage EP Artwork

Band Members

Peter Gale – Vocals

Alex Punchard – Guitar / Bass

Gareth Lucas – Drums

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Into the Dirt
  3. The Hands Resist Him
  4. An Unpaintable Soul
  5. Mondo Decay
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