Music Review: Lords of Ruin – Coda Revival

Written by: Evelyn Barr

Coda Revival is the fantastic new EP from Northern five-piece alt-metal band Lords of Ruin and is an absolute showcase of how to produce an EP. The first single from this four-track EP, Broken Dreams , was released on 8th September 2023 and the EP is due to be unleashed on 24th November 2023.

The opening track entitled Decay leads the listener into the face melting riffs that they are about to hear throughout this EP. Thunderous drums and heavy riffs accompanied by the vocal talent that is Dox and we are off to a flying start. It only takes 40 seconds before Dox unleashes his trademark Viking growl and then it’s straight back to the melody. This is a track that I cannot wait to hear on the live circuit.

Next up is Bulldozer and it has a real heavy start, and my foot is already tapping. This is another track that will have many a head bobbing right from the outset until two minutes in, when it slows down and the growl of “Let’s go” adds another dimension. The melodies and riffs on this track are just spot on.

The third track is Universal and it opens with the bass and has a definite melodic start and merges into a kind of rap vibe before getting heavier and then we have the signature Dox vox. Dox’s vocals on this are quite simply sublime and the way he effortlessly moves between melodic singing and growling is so fluid and an impressive thing to hear. The track finishes in such a sublime, very subtle way.

The final track on this EP is the first single release and it is Broken Dreams which was released on 8th September. It begins with an aural onslaught and it shows how versatile Dox is with his vocals. This is another one I cannot wait to hear in the live circuit, its heavy, its riffy, its growly, its simply awesome.

This EP may only have four tracks, but its four tracks of incredible music, and so far this year it’s the best EP I have heard and I personally cannot wait to hear what The Lords have in store for their first album.

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