Music Review: Gen and the Degenerates – Anti Fun Propaganda

Written by: Jodie Brough


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Gen and the Degenerates 

Anti Fun Propaganda

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Gen and the Degenerates are already a force to be reckoned with, currently on tour in the US with the legendary Flogging Molly, it’s hard to believe that Anti Fun Propaganda is actually the band’s debut album.

Released on 23rd February through Marshall Records this 10 track release recorded and produced by the infamous Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, Amyl and the Sniffers, Drenge, Gang of Four) perfectly showcases the bands satirical view of the absurdity of the world.

Opening track Kids Wanna Dance sets you up for the journey you’re about to take though the next 35 minutes, with its catchy chorus, this is sure to be a fan favourite at shows.

Girls! features Uninvited and is lyrically one of my favourites on the album. It celebrates the quirks girls have is really reminiscent of Millie Manders and The Shut Up. There’s some really interesting guitar riffs on this track.

Title track Anti-Fun Propaganda hooks you from the very first second, a stark message about refusing to subscribe to a social and political agenda that tries to restrict fun. With lyrics like “I don’t want to work harder” this is a track we can all relate to.

One of the things that strikes me the most about this release is the completely relatable lyrics and the clever way that the band injects a little humour into such important subjects. As someone who really listens to lyrics when consuming music this album is already on first listen, something I know will be a firm favourite of mine.

We all use the internet too much and That’s Enough Internet For Today reminds us of how ridiculous it all is. Without question my favourite on my first listen it won’t be long before the refrain of “You’re a Dickhead’”will be sung back at the band during live shows.

Gen and the Degenerates swing from sung lyrics to almost spoken word, not quite rapping more like poetry to a backing of incredible musicianship. I love that versatility. The almost folk sound of the interlude on this shows such a different side to the band and starts the second half of this album.

“You’re a Dickhead” will be sung back at the band during live shows.

Recent singles Big Hit Single and Famous sit perfectly next to each other before heading into Post Cool which is all about pretentious trend chasing, wearing sunglasses in the shower and proclaiming “I smiled once when I was 7, never again”.

The album ends with a 6 minute touching tribute to Gens late Aunt in Jude. It’s a lot softer than the rest of the album and is a beautiful tribute with some incredible musicianship from the band, incredible guitar solo and insane drumming. Again with some stunning lyrics, I’m not ashamed to admit I had a tear in my eye listening to the words. Sure to resonate with anyone who has lost somebody and is a perfect way to round off the album.

All in all this album is what can only be described as an absolute banger. If this debut is anything to go by Gen and the Degenerates are poised for greatness.



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