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Edit The Tide

Reflections In Sound


Yet another band to emerge from the boiling cauldron of musical talent in South Wales, Bridgend’s Edit The Tide have been around for just a year (the debut EP, Reflections In Sound is timed for release on their first anniversary) but already display a musical maturity reflecting the prior experience of the band members.

The sounds that they conjure are dense; not in a batter you over the head and leave you bleeding in a corner sense, but in terms of the depth and range there is a lot going on in each song. As such, you really have to listen to each track several times to fully appreciate what is happening. The music ebbs and flows under the melody, with complex rhythms underpinning Benjamin James’ emotive and soaring vocals. Gavin David and Rob Norris, on lead and rhythm guitar respectively, are not afraid to paint intricate soundscapes while drummer Rudy Mason lays down polyrhythmic fills and bassist Dave Snell holds the bottom end together. The combined effect results in an immersive experience, as you are surrounded by the music and drawn into the heart of the song.

The EP opens with Ambience, which continues the story and musical themes introduced in last summer’s single Skylines. The story arc describes the impact of a failed marriage on both the couple themselves and in particular the strained relationship between the father and son. It talks about regret for previous bad decisions and the hope that things may be better in future. Starting with a gentle refrain on the guitar, the song soon builds in complexity with a melody that floats airily over the anguish being played out in the lyrics. Track 2, Unite and Rebel, has a grittier riff underneath another lush melody. The lyrics tackle the mixture of fear, isolation and anger felt by everyone during the pandemic as the country was brought to a standstill while those in power partied behind the famous black door at Number 10. Again, the music is complex and somewhat demanding, although there is a brief but effective solo which gives way to a gang vocal chorus and fade out chant of ‘we will rebel’.

…you really have to listen to each track several times to fully appreciate what is happening…

Paradigm takes a tougher approach, and benefits from a more aggressive riff at the heart of the song. Musically this is perhaps the most straightforward song on the EP and will likely be the most accessible tune in live sets. It still has soaring vocals and some spiralling lead guitar on the fade out, but it feels all the more satisfying for that hint of menace. We then return to prog time signatures and multiple layers of sound for With Regret, which urges us to look forward with hope rather than back at past mistakes. Closing track The Moment starts with an ambient feel before toughening up as the main riff kicks in. There are multi-rhythmic fills aplenty and a feeling that the music may veer off in several directions at once; yet the vocals, which circle like an eagle riding the thermal currents, hold it all together.

Reflections In Sound is an ambitious if somewhat challenging opening statement of intent. Nonetheless, if Edit The Tide can tap into the prog hive mind then they have the potential to grow and explore ever more complicated sonic landscapes.

ERB RATING: 6.5/10


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Band Members

Benjamin James – Vocals

Rob Norris – Rhythm Guitar

Gavin David – Lead Guitar

Rudy Mason – Drums

Dave Snell – Bass

Track Listing

  1. Ambience
  2. Unite & Rebel
  3. With Regret
  4. The Mome
  5. Paradigm
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