Music Review: Blue Nation – Reflections

Written by: Bea Burridge


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Blue Nation 


2nd February 2024

Blue Nation are no strangers to releasing new music that makes an impact and their latest EP is no exception. This four track EP called Reflections is set to be released on 2nd February 2024, followed by a physical CD at a headline EP launch show at The Crossing in Birmingham on the 3rd of February.

This new release comes shortly after winning Live Act Of The Year 2023 on Great Music Stories Radio and to me, is a record of two halves. The opening track Every Single Time has the comforting nostalgia of an early 2000’s summer with uplifting lyrics and a melody you can’t help singing along to. The tune is reminiscent of Babybird with vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Nirvana album. 

Track two, is Blue Nation’s thunderous latest single, Hand Me Down.  It is a heavier track with an undertone of blues and a hint of Alice In Chains which is perfectly matched with track four of the EP Strangers. For me this is the stand out track from the EP with an introduction that immediately made me think of Tom Petty’s song ‘Honey Bee’. This track is an instant classic. 

The third track on Reflections is the heavily infections Old Friends which lends a nod to early ’00s indie rock and soft grunge. The track builds into a song which is a must see live. It conjures images of dramatic lighting and a large crowd singing along word for word. It has powerful chorus with beautiful harmonies and an epic ending which would lend itself perfectly to a film soundtrack. 

Reflections as an EP is a melodic journey fulled by incredibly passionate vocals, light and shade throughout every single instrument and tracks that you can hear the soul behind. I personally, cannot wait to hear these songs live. 

Nostalgic guitars, grunge vocals, these boys from Birmingham are nothing short of awe-inspiring. 



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