Mongrel Dogs Premiere Video for ‘Le Chat’ on ERB Radio

Mongrel Dogs unveil the video for new single ‘Le Chat’

Mongrel Dogs are set to release their brand new single ‘Le Chat’ via all streaming platforms tomorrow (4th December 2020), but you can watch the video now. The track is a heartfelt number which gradually builds into an uplifting crescendo of hope for a better day. ‘Le Chat’ sees Mongrel Dogs firing on all cylinders and could easily sit alongside the likes of Crowded House, R.E.M and Pearl Jam.

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Watch Mongrel Dogs ‘Le Chat’:

Frontman Jono Palmer says of the track: “This is a song I’d been toying with for a long time. I wrote the opening riff years ago when I first started dating an old girlfriend. It had this really optimistic but still nostalgic feel to it. But I didn’t know where to take it at that point. Anyway that one didn’t work out, and I moved to London a little bit worse for wear emotionally speaking. I met my flatmate here who became my best friend and thought maybe I’d write it for her. As referenced in the song there were many nights of wine, cigarettes, tea and candle light, and of course plenty of commiseration and conversation. This song is a bit of an ode to that time, reflecting on the mess that was my life with both a touch of melancholy but also that whimsical nostalgic smile one often has for the past. But more than that it’s a look to a brighter future too. I guess you could say it’s written very much in the present tense, both reflecting on the past while also gazing into a brighter future, and a bit of a pep talk to both myself and my flatmate – Le Chat (The Cat). The song took its final form once I showed it to the band and we had a little play with the structure and arrangement and everyone added their respective splashes of colour. I can safely say it’s a better song for it and we’re all so very proud, and really feel like this is an evolution of our sound.”

Mongrel Dogs new journey began in 2019 when they appointed new frontman Jono. The refreshed line up is now Jonathon ‘Jono’ Palmer (Vocals), Alvaro Alonso (Guitar), Gustavo Passarella (Bass) and Lewis Veitch (Drums) all gravitated from their respective hometowns in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Scotland towards the Big Smoke to write music. Their vocals are often heavy and groovy, while the guitars are a collection of arcane distorted sounds ranging from incantatory to razor sharp. Their songwriting reflects a constant state of evolution between the genres they perform in, but always with a nod to the powerful and beloved roots in rock music. ‘Le Chat’ is the first track to be written by new vocalist Jono Palmer. Since joining the band, the band have released two tracks, ‘Pursuits’ and ‘Midnight Affairs’.

Drummer Lewis Veltch states: “Our front man joined Mongrel Dogs in mid 2019 after a bit of restructuring. With JP’s involvement with Pursuits and Midnight Affairs, our previous singles, we really wanted to see what Mongrel Dogs could achieve going forward with an additional songwriter. From that step to this we can all safely say we’ve had smiles on our faces throughout the process. Quite a beautiful thing to see Le Chat from its infant kitten years now out in the world as a mark on what we have managed to achieve within 2020. Proud. But not without the massive help from various individuals. We think, if 2020 taught us anything as a band it would be that collaboration with other creative types is crucial. Also within that as Mongrel Dogs we have bonded both musically and as great friends. Let this continue we say! Continue into the future, as musical ambassadors for our individual countries but more importantly as Mongrel Dogs.”

‘Le Chat’ is released on all streaming platforms on 4th December 2020 


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