Massive Wagons lead a convoy of friends for ‘Tokyo’ remix

Massive Wagons and NWOCR have joined forces to produce a rousing rendition of ‘Tokyo’ to promote the upcoming release of the double CD compilation album ‘The New Wave of Classic Rock – Volume 1’.

This reimagined version of the fan favourite has guests vocals from 26 bands who feature on the upcoming album alongside Massive Wagons; Anchor Lane, Ashen Reach, Bastette, Black Water Conspiracy, Bootyard Bandits, Collateral, Daxx and Roxane, Dig Lazarus, Doomsday Outlaw, Empyre, Hollowstar, Mason Hill, Massive, Revival Black, Shape Of Water, SKAM, Sons Of Liberty, South Of Salem, Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, Takeaway Thieves, The Dust Coda, The Hot Damn!, The New Roses, These Wicked RIvers, Thundermother, and Twister are all thrilled to have been asked to take part.

“There is something truly heartwarming about a live audience singing back one of your songs to you at a show, it is always a moment, and it never gets old”, says Massive Wagons frontman Baz Mills. “When I got to watch the New Wave Of Classic Rock remix of our track ‘Tokyo’ for the first time, and I saw all of the faces from the scene belting out our song, I genuinely had a bit of a moment. Not only is it a huge honour with all these awesome people singing it, but it just cements the solidarity between bands, fans and media that are driving this incredible scene!”, enthuses Mills.

The track was mixed and mastered by NWOCR’s very own Richard Brindley, who also directed the video which you can watch below. Richard was joined by Jon Theobald, who edited and produced the video.

This reimagined version of Tokyo demonstrates what the rock community can achieve when it comes together.

‘The New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1’ 2CD compilation album is available to pre-order now and will be officially released 23rd July 2021.
Pre-order the album:

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