Mark Pontin Group follow their critically acclaimed album ‘Textures’ with their third album ‘Kaleidoscope’ to be released on Lunaria Records on 26th November and available to pre-order on the 5th November 2021.

‘Phoenix’ is the first official single release from the much anticipated album and as the final track on the album it had a working title of ‘Epic’. Mark explains. “I felt that was a little boastful. In this track the man now identifies with his mental health struggle and has emerged from the other side with a resurrection – hence ‘Phoenix’.

My great grandad spoke of such a mission – he literally volunteered to crawl across a minefield to lay telegraph wires. He watched as his friend and other volunteer was blown to pieces during the act too.

I managed to keep a reference to my great grandad with the line – ‘to all those who draw battle lines, crawl through fields of land mines, alone, in your mind, to survive.

I also filmed a music video to Phoenix with him in mind – as you can see, it’s set in World War 1 and we hired costumes and sandbags to illustrate the anxiety of ‘going over the top’. In the video the actor seemingly gets killed – but as is Phoenix – he survived.” 

Complete with cinematic strings, and Mark’s distorted guitar cascading over the band, before playing us out with eerie solo guitar. This has all the hallmarks of an “epic” single. 

Kaleidoscope will be available for pre-order from Friday 5th November.

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