Lectric premiere video for ‘Take Your Shot’

Lectric is premiering the video to accompany their debut track Take Your Shot which will be released tomorrow (31st May 2024).

Watch the video exclusively below.

Talking of the track and the video, the band state: “Take Your Shot is our debut single that we’re super excited to release after many years getting the line up right for the band, we wanted to come out the gates swinging and set the precedent for where we mean to go moving forward. It’s been a LONG time coming for us.

“We’re just trying to pump out some solid, ‘back to basics’, rock songs that do not relent and that have a life experience attached to them. Catchy choruses are on the menu and most of all banging guitar solos of course! HAHAHA … ‘Have you rationalised, with comforting lies?’ ‘you’re living a lie’

“The song subject matter is routed deep in some my life experiences and regarding getting my stuff In order. Especially since Covid and being locked in my house alone. all the good stuff you can imagine: Heart break, losing friends, betrayal disappointment, a destruction of your grasp on reality and a long time to reflect… All been there right?? Now I understand what they mean by ‘you have to have been through some shit to appreciate the blues.’

“The song is really about taking a good hard look in the mirror, picking up the pieces and asking yourself, where can I go from here? Is it too late? It’s never too late.

“I’ve been boxing for a few years at the club now and the video idea kind of fell into place, Adi the protagonist of the video is my main training partner, tough and relentless. Full of heart and demons to reconcile with. I learned a lot about heart and not giving up through the rounds we’d do and knew he’d do a great job for the video. Fin fit the profile of the slick young cocky boxer and was up for the job as the ‘Bad guy’. he’s actually a legend.

“After a quick chat with Mikey from Skindred, who co-wrote this song with us’ we got Kris Barras on board to do the video, who’s killing it in the rock scene right now. I loved the approach Kris took directing the video which was very to the point and effective. He has a backround in combat sports and had a great vision for the video.

“I hope the video inspires anyone who’s on the backfoot in life and ignites them with a fire to Take their shot with everything they’ve got. It’s over when you say it’s over and you cant lose if you don’t quit.”

Take Your Shot Artwork
Lectric full band promo shot
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