Lady Rage premiere video for ‘Never Asleep’

Lady Rage is premiering the video to accompany their new track Never Asleep which will be released tomorrow (7th May 2024).

Watch the video exclusively below.

Never Asleep  is the stoping new track taken from Lady Rage’s debut album Hear Me Screaming which will be released on 12th July.

Never Asleep has stone cold thumping beats, stand on the back of your hair electrifying sounds thundering from the guitar, deep vibrations loud enough to burst each drum apart blasting from the bass & vocals that will allure any listener with their edgy cut throat sound so lyrically dark they’ll make you’ll shudder into the abyss.

This is about finding self motivation, sometimes enough motivation to even make it through the day. You’re bored as hell because you find life just at times so god damn dull, you’d do anything for some excitement.

Of the video, the band state: “When you’re this bored of life, you tend to do stupid things like self sabotage. Metaphorically blowing up a situation that was so carefully put in place or worked towards, that you end up doing anything to mess it all up just so you can feel something again.

“I urge you to listen to this song if you want to make it through the day & fill that void inside you that holds in all your excitement, you’ll definitely be excited by the end of it.

“We wanted to make the video as real looking as possible. So the raw lyrics & musical style of the song comes across like you’re actually there watching us play it live. Our stage show is a big part of who we are as a band & as we’ve played a lot of gigs now, we thought it was time to put all our best bits on stage together & throw them in peoples faces.

“Loud, in your face noise, edited in style by myself as we are very in our dIY so having a video editor & graphic designer in our band is very handy.

“If you like real music that’s speaks to you & that you can relate to? Sit back & listen to this & watch this!!”

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