Frakard premiere the video for their upcoming track ‘Come With Me?’

Frakard are premiering the homemade lyric video to accompany their latest track Come With Me? which will be available on all major streaming platforms tomorrow (14th July 2023). Watch the video exclusively below.

Speaking of the video, the band says:

“So about the video itself, which really endorses our DIY ethos to doing this whole music thing, is that it was put together by our drummer James who was in Japan at the time and thought it would be cool idea to use the surroundings to his advantage, it was also a rainy evening so he didn’t have much more to do with his time!

“He set his phone up to film about 3/4 minutes of the city skyline, which then became the background. From there he then used some (crappy) editing app on his phone to build upon it, so it’s not exactly ground breaking in terms of production, but we’d all be the firsts to admit we’re not exactly tech savvy.

“It has however inspired us to be a bit more willing and confident to just give these sort of things a go ourselves, so our next 2 follow up songs scheduled for release later in the year are all going to have music videos produced, edited and directed by us… it’s also a great cost cutting exercise when you don’t exactly currently work with any sort of budget down here in the grassroots sector haha!”

Talking of the track itself, the band say:

“The first verse came from working with people that were in a higher position than me but depended on me to get their job done . One of them once asked ‘come with me then and I’ll show you! I responded with ‘even though you’re lying’

“The Rest of the lyrics revolved around that I think I then aimed for it to be perceived as a relationship that was destined to fail before it got anywhere.

“The riff and drums fell from the sky like a gift at a rehearsal and we wrote and finished the entire song in one night. I don’t think any of us thought it would end up sounding as good as it has.”

FRAKARD are an alternative rock trio who all hail from Cardiff, who started making waves back in 2017 in the grassroots scene. The band released their first EP titled “Demos” in 2019, followed by their second EP “Another Happy Accident” in early 2022. The band went on to perform a surge of shows, supporting the likes of Mclusky, Himalayas and Strange Bones. Last November saw the band release the track ‘Slate’ which saw high praise from Planet Rock radio and BBC Wales and also reached airplay at 60 stations across the UK, Europe and US. 2023 is set to be a big year for the loud 3, with two other track set for release over the summer and autumn, be sure you keep your eyes locked onto this lot!

Come With Me? Single Artwork
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