ERB presents video premiere of ‘Say Goodbye’, the new single single by Memphis Stone & The Elevators

Memphis Stone & The Elevators proudly release their catchy and energetic new single Say Goodbye on 11th March 2021 through T&L Records

Say Goodbye features big guitars, driving bass and drums, and powerful vocals with an explosive modern production. The song tells the story of being stuck in a bad relationship but still finding it hard to say goodbye. However, don’t be fooled, it will leave you feeling upbeat, while the chorus will worm its way into your head from the very first hearing and simply refuse to let go.

“If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you know it’s bad but you just can’t bring yourself to get out, then Say Goodbye is for you! As the song says, sometimes it’s just so ‘hard to say goodbye’, no matter how much you may want to. This was one of the first songs Lenny and I wrote. It was one of the stand out tracks from our first writing session – you know that feeling when a song just clicks. It sprang from a chord progression I’d been working on. I remember Lenny listening to me play it. He just instantly homed in on a two chords phrase, which became the intro, and the song evolved from that. The chorus was just one of those flukey things where we both came up with a similar line at the same time and looked at each other and thought, yes! The words and story really came out of that chorus line. Memphis just took it to another level when he added his vocals. We thought it was good even before Matt Hay (The Who, Robbie Williams) got his hands on it to remix it.  Personally, the standout bit for me is the bass solo, as a bass player you don’t often get the chance to solo on a studio track! I only ever put that in as a joke when we were re-tracking stuff with our producer (Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard, who’s drummed with Robbie Williams, Joe Strummer and The Alarm)”.  – Tom Weaver, bass player, Memphis Stone and The Elevators

Memphis Stone grew up in ’50s LA before moving to Detroit and, rumour has it, he sang as a young boy on loads of famous tracks as he used to hang around the Motown Studios; Marvin, Supremes etc. However, he never got credited as he was a kid. Memphis then went off the rails, before years later two songwriters found him in a bar and talked him into singing on their new songs.

In late 2019, Tom (Weaver) and Lenny (Bonetti), encouraged the legendary singer and soul’s most famous and best kept secret, Memphis Stone, back out of retirement and to re-form Memphis Stone and The Elevators.

Recorded and produced in lockdown – with the help of Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard (The Alarm, Archive, Joe Strummer, Robbie Williams) and Matt Hay (Robbie Williams, The Who) – Say Goodbye is a an ambitious, explosion of anthemic goodness.

If you don’t know who Memphis is, then you’re about to find out and this is one elevator you’ll want to get stuck in!

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