ERB premieres video for ‘Billie Jean’ by Divinity Rise feat. Dan Byrne (Revival Black)

Divinity Rise release ‘Billie Jean’ 9th April 2021.

This classic Michael Jackson song touches the hearts and minds of all who hear it. Choosing to cover this song was an ambition of the band, but they wanted to take their own unique stance on the iconic tune. Initial inspiration came from Simon, who produced an acoustic rendition for Daemion to hear. This led to the band discovering different covers by artists such as Chris Cornell and David Cooke. Divinity Rise’s aim was to give homage to the original song but add a darker ambience and structure.

After Simon and Daemion completed the track concept, Dan Byrne from Revival Black was keen to be involved with the song; his vocal range and undeniable talent has transformed the song into a haunting, soulful masterpiece.

Divinity Rise is a hard rock band based in Merseyside, UK and was founded in late 2019 by Simon Clitheroe (guitars/vocals) and Daemion Davis (lead guitar/vocals). Their musical style is described as a fusion mix of ’80s glam rock with dark ambient tones and haunting lyrics.

Daemion Davis
Simon Clitheroe






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