ERB premieres lyric video for ‘Done Wrong’ by Burridge.

Burridge. has released the third single, ‘Done Wrong’ from her forthcoming E.P which is due out later this year. The track was released on all platforms on 5th April 2021.

The track is a fast paced alt-pop-rock stomper which sees Burridge talking about relationships issues. The track was once again produced by long term collaborator Sean Kennedy.

Burridge. states:

“Done Wrong is a track written at the turning point of a relationship. It is about the moment you decide you are done feeling the way you do, walking away from something which has broken you down and finally having the strength to say no”.

BURRIDGE. is a singer/songwriter from Scunthorpe who has been writing music for the past five years. She is heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Mötley Crüe and Nirvana. She makes loud music for angry girls.

Done Wrong.
I want to go somewhere that no one knows my name
I can get away from you, but not from my own brain
you wanted all of me, for only parts of you 
and only called me difficult when I said no.
Should I set myself on fire just to keep others warm
One day you’ll see that I was golden, your shelter in the storm.
You’ve done wrong.
Is it that important to be right 
You’ve done wrong.
But I hope you can sleep at night
You’ve done wrong, you’ve done wrong
You loved the way I made you feel about yourself
Don’t you ever mistake my glazed blue eyes
for going along with the same old lies
Dusty keys and empty your pleas
you alway end up on their knees.
I hope your highs outweigh my lows
you know I always know.
You’re the hero or the victim 
but never the villain. 
Chorus (as before)
I’m not a toy that you can play with 
and they just throw away
I won’t wait at arms length
for your rainy day.
If you look me in the eye
I swear that I will drown
We know that there are words unspoken
I hate to let you down
Chorus (as before)







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