Blue Nation premiere video for ‘Time Is A Thief’

Blue Nation is premiering the video to accompany their new track Time Is A Thief which will be released tomorrow (17th May 2024)..

Watch the video exclusively below.

Talking of the track, the band state: “Time is a Thief is a poignant exploration of the emotional journey experienced when a loved one faces the harrowing battle of a life-threatening illness. The metaphor of time as a thief captures the relentless nature of the disease, gradually stealing precious moments and shared experiences. The lyrics delve into the range of emotions, initially marked by fear and heartache as the illness progresses. The narrative progresses to reflect the evolving dynamics as the person bravely confronts the challenges of the health The transition from fear to acceptance becomes a central theme, depicting the resilience and strength cultivated through the ordeal. As the loved one nears the end of their journey, there is a shift from despair to a complex sense of relief for them.”

Fronted by a mesmerising vocalist, Blue Nation’s songs are delivered with soul and passion, showcasing the remarkable talents of three accomplished musicians who have mastered their craft. Their live performances are nothing short of awe-inspiring, with an impressive gig experience and an undeniable stage presence that leaves audiences begging for more.

Blue Nation has graced the Main Music Stage at the F1 British Grand Prix in Silverstone, not just once but twice! Their journey includes unforgettable tours and gigs alongside musical giants like Steve Conte (NY Dolls), Skid Row, Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), Dom Martin, Laurence Jones many more. They’ve shared the spotlight with remarkable acts, solidifying their position as a standout force in the music scene.

Time is a Thief Artwork
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