Blue Nation premiere the video for their upcoming track ‘Every Single Time’

Blue Nation are premiering the video to accompany their latest track Every Single Time which will be available on all major streaming platforms tomorrow (30th June 2023).

Speaking of the video, the band says:

“ Dwane and his team made the whole process so easy for us. Dwane had a really clear vision for us and wanted the video to portray the emotion of the song. Dwane and the crew worked on so many shots to make sure they captured the right aesthetic for each line in the song. It was such an in-depth process and pushed us very far out of our comfort zone!”

The track itself is a well-crafted melodic tale of a toxic relationship that is filled with a cheerful undertone. Every Single Time was produced by long-term Blue Nation producer Trevor Gibson.

Vocalist Neil states:

“This fell out of my mind and onto the paper in about 10 mins. I was just sitting at home pottering around on the guitar and the chords just happened. The lyrics came super quick too, I was thinking about a friend of mine who was dealing with a very abusive ex and how everything was spun around and twisted into a lie, wrapped in another lie.

“The words tell the story and thankfully it ended up that my friend left this person and is now happier than ever! Every Single Time nearly didn’t even make it to Trevor Gibson (Producer). We were not sure it would work but we played it to him anyway, and he said it was the best song. So much for the band knowing what works hey.”

Blue Nation, a 3piece band from Birmingham, use Riff based Melodic Blues Rock from a reservoir of influences, including Beatles, Cream, Zeppelin, Brit Pop 90’s, more recently Rival Sons and Vintage Trouble, to create their memorable sound. Their songs are delivered by three accomplished musicians, fronted with stunning vocals. All backed up with impressive gig experience, stage presence and great songs.

Every Single Time
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